2019-02-03  Good news! 5 More speakers have confirmed to be at our event. The information about these speakers will appear on the site as soon as possible. We are also currently working on the schedule of the International Week. As soon as we have all the speakers and planned all the activities, we will post the schedule on the site.

2018-12-23 We have found two more guest speakers: Stijn Derammelaere,  he initiated research concerning control engineering, co-design of control and mechatronic systems and the motion control of fractional horsepower machines at the University of Antwerp.
And Jesse Van Doren he is a web enthusiast and results-driven person with a strong passion for marketing and the achievement of profitable business growth.

2018-12-11 The first guest speaker has been confirmed. His name is Peter Joosten, he is a biohacker en DIY-futurist.